Temple With Sonu Sood’s Idol Inaugurated In Telangana

Actor Sonu Sood has helped thousands of underprivileged people during the lockdown by arranging safe road travel to them in various parts of the country to reach their native places.

He also launched a job portal for the people, who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, by collaborating with several employment providers. Sonu has been helping people reaching out to him through social media.

Recognising the humanitarian work of the actor, the local people of Dubba Tanda village with the help of the Siddipet district authorities in Telangana have built a temple in his honour.

The temple with an idol of Sonu Sood was inaugurated on Sunday in the presence of the sculptor and local people. An aarti was performed, and the women and other villagers sang folk songs near the idol.

As per the reports, the locals said that Sonu Sood is a god for them as he attained the status of God by his good deeds and that’s the reason they have built a temple.

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