Nearly 81 Million People Turned Unemployed In 2020!

The world is still fearing the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Many countries faced the wrath of the pandemic outbreak, as the unemployment in some countries has increased rapidly over the last year.

A recent survey conducted by a United Nations agency said, due to the impact left by the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of jobs were lost and the labour income has gone down by 10 percent.

The United Nations agency International Labour Organization(ILO) has conducted a survey on the Covid-19 impact which says, 81 million jobs were lost in 2020 across the Asia-Pacific region.

The survey also said the pandemic resulted in a dip in the labour income, which in turn resulted in not less than 22 million to 25 million going through working poverty.

Compared to the previous year, the unemployment rate has gone up by more than 3 percent. In 2019, the unemployment rate stood at 4.4. Percent, while the rate is between 5.2 percent to 5.7 percent.

The pandemic has resulted in working hours getting reduced and a rise in employment. Both men and women have turned unemployed. While 4.8 percent of women in Asia-Pacific region lost their jobs, 4 percent of men lost their jobs.

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