AP Govt shock to Big Films – Says No To Ticket Hikes And Special Shows

The government of Andhra Pradesh has turned Tollywood‘s worst fear into reality. The YS Jagan-led government has announced that there will be no permissions for special benefit shows in cinema halls across the state from now on.

There will be only four shows henceforth, much like in Telangana. The prospect of special benefit shows for big budget films will not longer be plausible.

The government has also announced that the government-run online cinema ticketing portal will be in effect very soon. All the cinema halls across Andhra Pradesh should be selling tickets through this portal.

This should greatly affect the forthcoming big ticket projects like RRR, Pushpa, and others which are mounted on massive budgets.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has vowed to bring the cinema-oriented revenues and related financial aspects under government vigilance.

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