About US

The newest entrant into the highly competitive media arena of INDIA, we (http://www.breakpe.com) are an energetic team of both experienced and young journalists, striving to bring everything that is Telangana, Andhra Pradeshand INDIA, to our readers.

And we hope to do that in the fastest way possible, using the latest technology, combining multimedia with the highest standards of long form journalism, with credibility, and in whichever way that connects with the reader, be it through our pages, through various social media including Twitter and Facebook or our own website, which will be up to date and alert round the clock, just like our journalists.

www.breakpe.com is published from Hyderabad in Telangana, we bring breaking news, timely updates and extensive coverage, apart from a daily rich spread of news and views on INDIA, the politics here, the burgeoning business centres, IT hubs and the cutting edge technology crafted in the Biggest democratic Nation India, transportation and civic issues, developmental projects across varied sectors, the heritage that defines INDIA, exciting sports events, Bollywood’s groundbreaking movies, and much more.