22-Yr Pune B.Tech Student Who Faced Depression Pays Strangers Rs 10 For Listening To Their Story

Depression is one of the biggest mental health problems of the present times and what makes it worse that people are not able to open up about it with their own family members. However, there are some people with golden heart who are trying their level best to help everyone, even the strangers, by striking a communication and encouraging others to pour their heart out.

Raj Dagwar, a 22 years old Engineering student from Pune, has set a great example as he visits the Fergusson College road everyday from evening 6pm till 11 pm with a placard on which he has written, “Tell me your story and I will give you Rs 10.”

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In simple words, he is encouraging people to speak up about things which they can’t discuss with their family members. Raj has himself faced a tough situation in his life as in 2019, he suffered from depression and he was not able to talk about it with his family but the good part is that soon he got rid of it by taking help from a professional.

Raj started this noble work from December 5 and he told a news agency that around 100 people have talked to him till now. He also added that it was a great opportunity for him to hear all of them. He observed that people find it difficult to talk even at their homes as they are separated with walls.

Raj also said that he is good in listening and some people really felt good after talking to him. He further added that every person in this world has problems, big or small, and most of the times it is very difficult to talk about them. He also added that lockdown increased the problems further as many people were compelled to live alone. They felt lonely and were not able to express their emotions because of which they are moving towards depression.

Though Raj is doing a great job, sometimes he gets weird stares while few people are curious about his initiative. He is quite happy doing this noble work and we appreciate him for his efforts! The world needs more people like him to make this planet a better and happier place to live!

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