15 Romantic Movies Which Will Either Fulfill Your $exual Desires Or Leave You Craving For More!

Movies are said to be the mirror of the society and it won’t be wrong to say that movies show what we want to see. However there are some topics such as sex, homosexuality, BDSM, etc on which most of us like to remain mum but there are some filmmakers who don’t mind making movies on such topics. There is a thin line between erotic and vulgar and there are few movie directors who have expertise in making erotic movies.

Today we will let you know about 15 erotic movies which will either fulfill your sexual fantasies or will leave you craving for more:

1.Basic Instinct (1992)

This erotic thriller was written by Joe Eszterhas, directed by Paul Verhoeven and the star cast included the beautiful Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas along with others. Sharon Stone played the character of a crime novelist whose boyfriend was murdered but she didn’t cooperate in the investigation. In addition to that, Sharon’s character not only exposed herself but seduced and started a fling with the Detective who was investigating the case.

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